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How our Alumni connection led to a new business partnership

May 2018

Michelle Di Fabio and Steph Barr, have recently taken their Alumni connection to the next level, launching a dedicated higher education consultancy – Incus Partners.

Deriving from the Latin word incussus, meaning impact, Incus Partners was born.

The vision:To embed a culture of student & alumni institutional pride, generosity and connection to ensure a prosperous future and lasting impact.

“Bringing together our experience and passion for higher education, we saw a unique opportunity to develop a dedicated higher education consultancy that is insights led and adapts global best practice to the Australian market.” Says Steph.

Steph and Michelle are both passionate about ensuring future generations have exceptional higher education experiences, and that this positive connection carries on seamlessly to alumni.

To bring the voice of the customer to the centre of institutional decision making, Incus Partners not only delivers end-to-end strategic consulting services, but also harnesses market research capability. This approach ensures institutions are effectively ‘future-proof’ by making sure new initiatives are aligned to rapidly evolving needs of the market.

Having studied together at The University of Melbourne, Michelle re-united on the inaugural Faculty of Business & Economics Alumni Council in 2010, forming such a strong working relationship, that they have continued to work together ever since.

“We worked closely with the University during our time on the Alumni council to develop strategy and engagement initiatives, we’re passionate about the sector and wanted to continue influencing and shaping this space. We’re hoping to really refine what student and alumni engagement looks like for Universities, Tafes and colleges to create aspirational experiences.” Says Michelle.

Each contributing numerous years of service to the Council, this experience left Michelle and Steph with an even greater appreciation of building and maintaining Alumni networks.

“When I looked back, I realised that so many of my career opportunities started with a connection I made through the Alumni Council. My Alumni networks helped me transition from PR to Market Research, which later led to the job opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve even gained a creative mentor, in a round about way, who I now consider a dear friend,” Steph reflects.

“I have always valued my university alumni networks, I was an engaged student and feel a strong connection to the universities I studied at globally. The connections I’ve made through the alumni have not only created opportunities to give back and mentor but also helped me advance my global networks and gain success in my corporate career.” Michelle commented.

Most recently, Michelle and Steph worked with the Faculty on the development of the 1,000 Indigenous Leaders program. Dedicated to developing and delivering exceptional student, Alumni and industry partner experiences that lead to life-long connection and lasting impact, Incus Partners looks forward to continuing its partnership with the University of Melbourne.

Michelle and Steph are life-long learners, contributors and mentors who have worked with universities to globally to develop value propositions that drive engagement and impact for students, alumni and industry.

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