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We’re dedicated to working with Universities, Tafes and Colleges to develop and deliver exceptional experiences that lead to life-long connection and lasting impact.
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Students, Alumni & Industry at the core

Students, Alumni and Industry partners are the life-blood of every institution. That’s why we put their needs, alongside your institutional requirements, at the core of every strategy we develop and implement.

Listen to Impact

Whenever we approach a new challenge, we listen and learn to ensure our strategic initiatives truly deliver lasting positive impact.

Working With Us

“Steph and Michelle helped me develop a complex new program at the University relating to indigenous business education, which involved working with a large group of stakeholders. They worked extremely professionally, are a highly functional team, and produced work to a tight timeline – all of which helped me deliver an outstanding outcome.”

Paul H. Jensen
Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean
Faculty of Business & Economics


Michelle and Steph are smart and perceptive, work great together and are great to work with. Their skills and expertise combine to deliver great insights and outcomes..”

Vincent Ramos
Director, Advancement
Holmseglen Foundation